New Life Transitional Apartments
Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries offers low-cost housing to some participants enrolled in the New Life Transitional Program. This allows the participant to be able to concentrate on their classes and get back on their feet financially. Admittance into the New Life Transitional Program does not guarantee residency in one of the apartments. Apartments are offered based on the participant’s need, family size, financial ability and standing in the program.

Low-Cost Housing Program
Our housing program is available for clients who have been in the New Life Transitional Program for at least one month and have been employed for at least one month. Rent credit can be earned based on the number of classes per week that the participant is enrolled in, absences, non-compliance consequences and other circumstances taken into account by Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries.

Weekly Classes Required:

2-3 classes – $100 rent credit
4-5 classes – $200 rent credit
6-7 classes – $250 rent credit

*This is a maximum monthly rent credit that can be earned. Not all program participants will receive rent credit at the maximum level. Failure to attend classes, Bible studies and appointments will affect the participant’s monthly rent credit amount. New Life Transitional Program will not consider providing advances on rent. The rent credit is to be earned by the participant and will not be issued unless all requirements have been met to the satisfaction of their case manager.

Complete an application if you are interested in becoming a part of the New Life Transitional Program.