The New Life Transitional Program offers several free services that work together to bring stability to the life of the participant and prepares them for independent living. These services are only available to those who are accepted into the program.

Life Skills Training

These classes cover topics such as goal setting, finances, healthy relationships, recovery support, continuing education and employment skills, as well as household management skills and personal care. Our goal is to prepare participants for interviews and workplace demands, financial responsibilities required for independent living and other life skills that will help them be successful.



Regular counseling is provided to program participants through the ministry of New Life Counseling. This is an opportunity to heal from previous trauma or abuse, learn more self-awareness and develop better stress management and coping skills.

Bible Study

Optional Bible studies are provided to offer spiritual health and growth. The studies may be topical or cover a specific Bible reading plan. It is our hope that every individual who enters the program will experience the love of Christ and come to an understanding of His desire for a personal relationship with them. The Bible studies serve as a source of encouragement and support for participants in the program, as well as teach foundational truths during a time of transition. In addition to weekly Bible studies, the participants are encouraged to attend a local church.


Individual mentoring allows the participant to set personal, professional, spiritual and financial goals, and then receive guidance to determine the steps needed to attain those goals. The case manager will hold the participant responsible for following through with the goals that have been set during these appointments as accountability is a critical component of the program.


Based on availability, need, family size and other factors, some participants may qualify for residency in our low-cost apartments.

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