New Life Transitional Program: Morgan’s Story

When Morgan was first introduced in our newsletter she had just been through one of the biggest trials of her young life. She and her two-year-old daughter Faye were involved in a life-threatening car accident. Morgan was nine months pregnant at the time. Her unborn baby sustained a skull fracture and had to be delivered via emergency C-section, Faye had a deep gash across her cheek and Morgan’s injuries were critical, including internal bleeding and a broken leg that had to be rebuilt with metal implants.

There were many ups and downs for Morgan as her condition improved and then deteriorated. Through it all, the Lord sustained her. With the help and support of her loving family, and additional support, prayers and encouragement from her transitional program classmates and staff, she exceeded her doctors’ recovery expectations. The baby also recovered and was adopted by a caring family as planned.

Morgan came to the New Life Transitional Program looking for a new start in life after leaving an abusive relationship and making a commitment to sober living. The road to recovery and stable living has not been easy, and for many, the devastating car accident would have hindered or completely halted their progress. However, Morgan continues to make positive changes in spite of her struggles.

As God continues to refine Morgan, she hopes to live a happy life and to be the best mother to Faye that she can be. Morgan is thankful for the safe, affordable housing provided by the transitional program, as well as her mentor and the counseling she’s received. The program is helping her deal with her anger and failures, to own her life and to find peace even in difficult situations. “I need and want to put God in my daily life more. Just worshiping God more, bringing and inviting him to everything I and my family do,” says Morgan. Her journey isn’t over, but thanks to supporters like you, she’s on her way.