Kalene’s Climb

Written by Kalene Northam, New Life Transitional Program Participant

“In June of 2019, I entered Tucson for the very first time in my life knowing no one, but with a determination of making a brand new start in life and making a difference. Being in prison for two years for drugs, I knew where I did not want to go back to but needed the resources and help necessary for my future success. I had been through five prior years of programming both in and out of prison that were run by county or state agencies that only left me feeling empty and broken inside, no matter the extent of structured classes, therapy and counseling for an alcohol addiction stemming from over 30 years. I prayed everyday over and over for a special program out there that would be able to give the tools, resources and help needed to help make my new start in life successful.

In July of 2019, I was introduced to Desiree Goodwin, Director of the New Life Transitional Program, who welcomed me with open arms. Giving me a new sense of purpose and sharing ideas and giving me choices that I never had before, [she] helped build foundational goals that would begin my journey of self-sufficiency once more. For the next three months I would meet additional program staff and others that genuinely lived and breathed the core values of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services and I was on my way to rebuilding my life. Classes, Bible studies, counseling and one-on-one mentoring was giving me a purpose, giving me back identity, integrity and a spirit that would no longer be defined by my background.

Three months later, I was offered an opportunity to live in one of their low-cost apartments. This gave me independence and freedom that was instrumental in my continued success for independent living. When I moved into the apartment, my mother gave me a plaque from a very renowned pastor and author that I hung in my bedroom. The Possibility Thinkers Creed that says, ‘When faced with a Mountain I will not quit! I will keep on striving until I climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath, or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine with God’s help!’

The people of New Life Transitional Program have helped me in the course of this past year to face every mountain I have gone through and will continue to help me through more mountains. The New Life Transitional Program not only gave me a new life but saved my life.

– Kalene Northam”

It is by God’s grace Kalene’s life has been transformed, freeing her from addiction and calling her to a greater purpose. We are grateful for the ways God is using the transitional program to heal Kalene’s heart the way that only He can.