Mother. Student. Graduate.

In December, Monique celebrated her graduation from the New Life Transitional Program, a ministry of ABCS. Monique struggled with addiction and depression in the past. Because of this, her three children were removed from her care and later adopted by her mother. When Monique started the program, she was pregnant with her fourth child. The support of the program and a second chance at motherhood gave Monique the courage she needed to change. She has reached over two years of freedom from addiction! While enrolled in the program, she started taking online classes through Grand Canyon University, and also completed a trade certification for sewing. Donors gifted her with a sewing machine for Christmas, which she hopes to use on the side for extra income while she finishes school. Monique keeps busy working, raising her son and attending parenting classes and Bible studies at New Life Pregnancy Center, another ministry of ABCS. She is also building a relationship with her three older children and will be going on a family trip to Disneyland with them soon. Monique shared,

“The program has taught me so many things, but the biggest thing that I am thankful for is learning financial literacy. Being financially stable and knowing how to maintain my resources are very important. This program has taught me and has given me the tools to be able to begin my journey to being financially stable and thriving. This program has also provided me with many types of support. From material assistance to spiritual guidance, the support this program offers is sincerely life-changing. Once I obtain my degree I would like to serve God and my tribal community by helping those less fortunate. I would like to help the homeless population, those suffering from addiction and help single mothers overcome their life struggles.”

Join us in praising God for all that Monique has accomplished!